top 5 people that are me
  1. You
  2. Husb
  3. Grizzles
  4. Bub
  5. John-James

(in no particular order)

why is your mouth always open

Why are you in my ask box trying and failing to be shady when you should be concentrating on your own no-doubt sloppy appearance?

These are the philosophical questions that haunt us.

You seem lush good work A+

I’m lush like a forest in a rainstorm, yes.

Sorry to hear you're struggling with mental health stuff, I can only sympathise. I am glad you have a supportive partner. If it helps with the brain, remember that you're gr888

This is a cute message :)

Biggest musical influences?

Tori Amos
Kate Bush
Erykah Badu

Who is your style inspiration?

Me. I am my own inspiration.

What are all the colours you've had your hair? When did you first dye it? Do you get it done professionally or do you do it yourself? X


I first dyed my hair when I was like, 15. I dyed it black because emo was big and I wanted to look like Gerard Way (true story lol) but I’m like the whitest, most washed out, palest, most transparent multiracial person ever and unlike my mother who has beautiful long black locks, I looked awful, like a stick of chalk wearing a black motorcycle helmet. It was dreadful. Then I decided I wanted to be blond (thus followed endless attempts to varying degrees of success/orangeness).

And I’ve been ostensibly blond ever since.

The colours I dye my hair are all semi permanent and wash out/fade out p quickly so I never think of myself as having that colour hair I just see myself as blond. Having said that I’ve coloured my hair blue, grey, pink and pink n blue. Might attempt pastel green next.

Atm I’m dirt poor so my boyfriend bleaches my hair for me and he’s really good at it.

When I had a good job and lived in London I used to get it done at Pimps n Pinups which was amazing (I loved my colourist and she always did the best job) but I can’t even think about affording that atm. That was like… 2 years ago. I feel like a different person, but thanks to my bf my hair stays just as flaw free.

May 29



March 18
What is the origin of your boyfriend calling you Simba?

becuz i’m the lion king

would you ever post a picture of your butt?

hi hi hi! your covers and music are lovely and i was curious, have you ever done a cover of iamamiwhoami?

Nooo I haven’t. I did consider covering “Fountain” but I’m not sure if I’d do it justice :x

Best albums and tracks of 2013?
December 23
Why do you not have anxiety on social media even though logically their is more reason to?

Logically? I don’t recognise your logic. Maybe you could explain/elaborate…?

I’m not the only person in the world who appears less anxious on social media than in real life. The world is filled with millions of people who are shy offline but blossom into confident goddesses on the interwob.

There are numerous (obvious) reasons why: on the internet you can be whoever the hell you want, you can craft an alter ego, you can edit your appearance, you can cherry pick the opinions, jokes and activities that show you in whatever light you choose. Not to mention that you can find echo chambers of like-minded people from across the globe who provide a safe space free from judgement and criticism.

There’s a reason that people who have been on the receiving end of bullying, abuse or oppression are so prevalent and active on social media…

Having said that, though, I don’t think that I necessarily am less anxious online than in real life. I’m more open about anxiety on tumblr/twitter etc., but I’m not less anxious. I certainly don’t edit my photos or thoughts or opinions or hide behind anonymity (like you) or spout lies to feel more confident. I’m very open about my mental illnesses.

But I do second guess myself constantly and sometimes I don’t feel like talking to or interacting with anyone because I hate myself.

Im jealous of your macaron skils! I've tried a few times and they mostly fail :-(. So go you!

Thanks! I’m the macaron queen

I just bought your album on bandcamp, unfortunately I could only pay $5 US dollars for it which translated over to £3.11 GBP, it sounds awesome and I hope to hear more of your music. I wish I could have payed more as this seems like quite a small amount, I hope it helps though!


Thank you! Thank you so much, whoever you are. You are a beautiful kind person and I hope you enjoy my EP :)